Upcycled and Unique

Remark Clothing upcycled eco-fashion is made with grit and spirit in Michigan. Forged by concern about waste and sweatshops, we produce authentically and ethically. Our pieces are made from reclaimed t-shirts, and intelligent, ultra-modern design. No pieces are ever alike.

Through our proprietary method of textile sorting, hand selected t-shirts claim a new life through Remark pieces. We are zero waste and domestic production. We are keeping clothing out of the landfill, preventing fuel waste and pollution, and showing fast fashion that we demand higher quality and a better story behind our clothes.

At Remark clothing, we are literally picking up the pieces left by previous generations and stitching them together, creating authentic and sincere style. Remark is fashion for the future.

About the Owner, Designer & Boss

Lauren K. Olson has a Master of Science focused on environmental decision-making and a Bachelor of Science in environmental economics. She worked in the field of sustainable over 5 years full-time, and continues to do so part-time with her environmental consulting business, Remark Eco Consulting. Lauren works full time for this enterprise, creating all the unique pieces herself.



T-shirts are procured from textile recyclers, individuals, and thrift stores. Only 100% cotton t-shirts are used. If you are interested in donating or selling your shirts, please contact us.

The shirts are washed in hot water with professional textile detergent and dried on hot to ensure that the fibers are as stable as they will ever be, and completely sterile.

T-shirts with similar stretch and weight are used to make a dress; anywhere from four to seven t-shirts are used to make a final product.

Patterns developed after several reiterations and a lifetime of sketching.

The dresses are sewn (using a serger) in batches.

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