5 Steps to Spring Cleaning Your Closet

1. Ill-fitting, ugly, or “used to wear that thing all the time but not so much anymore” stuff to donate. This should be the easy to purge clothing that will make a little dent in your collection.

2. Sell clothing that is particularly high value, maybe that suit that doesn’t fit anymore or clothes you just never wore. Don’t beat yourself up about stuff you bought and never wore, sometimes the joy is in the buying and not the wearing.

3. Clothes you really like but they need to go to the dry cleaner, need a new button, new zipper or some other alteration.

4. Heirloom items you want to save for whatever reason-- just be really selective about it. 

  • Maybe you are saving it for your daughter or the piece of clothing holds an important joyful memory. Try using large seal-able bags or airtight bins. Cedar blocks or mothballs may help in terms of keeping out unwanted visitors.
  • Got a t-shirt that means something to you? Remark it into a dress! Check out the custom styles.

5. Take a hard look at whatever is left—does each item bring you joy to put on—if the temperature and activity was right? If not, then don’t store it.


In the end storing things costs you mental energy-- consider donating it, selling it, or making into something new.

The Hatching

The Lansing Runway has been a home away from home to learn pattern making and use the cover stitch machine, but in my final month and it's one year anniversary, the powers that be put together a business pitch competition, a special edition of The Hatching. I just so happened to have won! Here are some photos taken by the photographer at LEAP: